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Scavenger Hunt Sunday (8)

I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping up with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. It’s been months. And months. Of course, I haven’t done much else here either. And I still haven’t lost these 40 pounds. Or figured out what to do with my life. Heck, I haven’t even colored my hair, although I have purposefully not used hair products for the past two days to prepare. I’m awesome. While we’re at it, I’ll also admit that I grabbed my camera around 5pm on Saturday and pulled this stuff together. It’s not my best work… but then again, at least I accomplished one goal. Maybe the extra hour of sleep tonight will help me kick start my more awesome self tomorrow. One can hope.

1. Wild

How about some wild birds?

2. Welcome

I bought this out of the bargain bin at Target this week. I love owls.

3. Adventure

Every day is an adventure with little boys!

4. Vibrant

Since I was doing this all last minute, I was desperate. So, I grabbed my son’s orange drinking cup, placed it over the lens, and held it up toward the light. This is what I got.

5. Classic

No power cord. No touch screen. No delete. Just the classic, click-clack sound of awesome.

Thanks for visiting! Now, head over to Ramblings & Photos for more Scavenger Hunt Sunday links.

Next week’s prompts:

  1. Nature
  2. Vintage or Retro
  3. Whimsical
  4. Cooking
  5. Week’s Best


11 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday (8)

  1. well crikey, you got some great photos! maybe last minute pressure works for you. The orange cup is cool and your little boy – that is adorable. Great work!

  2. You are very creative to put together your post so quickly. I love the Adventure shot. Little boys (even my 6’1″ 205 pound 14 yr old) still have to go check things out. Also I’m a sucker for old typewriters.

  3. Fabulous set.
    Adventure is so cool looking and I bet life with little boys can be an adventure.
    Vibrant is so creative and just turned out awesome.
    Classic is so cool. Should have saved that one for next weeks vintage prompt.

  4. love the orange cup trick! lol! and adventure was such a cool shot… and so fun! this last week my son saw a vintage typewriter in a piece of art in world market and said… “mommy what is that?”… he’s 10 years old… I about died laughing… guess what my classic pic was of! 😉

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