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When you Bust a Move

I think my absence over the past few months would best be explained though the musical genius of Young MC. Plus, I don’t have much else to do today. Obviously.

(feel free to Bust a Move as you read)

This here’s a jam for all who wonder

What kind of rock we’ve been livin’ under.

Peeps near family made us very jealous.

So Jon got a job, he was very zealous.

Okay, smarty, it’s been no party-

Movin’ cross-country is very hardy.

A sign goes up and your home is for sale,

You pack your stuff and get ready to bail.

Next day’s function, goodbye luncheon,

Every goodbye is a cryin’ function.

Truck pulls up and you load your stuff,

Then you find your new crib when you drive enough.

You start unpackin’, he starts workin’,

Time goes by and your life starts settlin’.

You start to breathe and you find your groove-

That’s what happens when you bust a move.


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