Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (6)

Thanks to cold and flu season, I’ve been out of commission the past couple of weeks. I’ve had a lot of congestion, a short-lived fever, and a severe case of chronic bitchiness. Ask my husband, poor man. I decided it was best to stay away from writing things since my overall bitterness and bad mood were sure to influence anything I said. I know my husband will forgive me, but I didn’t want anything on public record. I’m better now, FYI. It was nothing a little cough syrup, lots of hacking, fourteen boxes of tissue… and a big dose of repenting couldn’t cure.

So, I’m breaking back into things with Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Maybe next week I won’t wait until Sunday to actually pull it together. One can hope.

1. Love














It may seem like an odd interpretation, but there’s a story behind this empty bottle of wine. Jon and I had our second date at Rumour’s Wine Bar, where we shared a bottle of this Reisling. The night before he proposed to me, he picked up this bottle and we emptied it together. He kept the bottle as part of his proposal story. Coincidentally, while driving home from our second date at Rumour’s, I believe God told me I would marry him. This bottle is part of our love story.

2. Duplicated

Drew and I went to Centennial Park on Saturday to feed the ducks and geese. I figured this one would fit the prompt.

3. Trending

I know this was intended for trending in the Twitter and web sense, but I’m bucking the trend. It seems lately that the trend with everyone I know has been illness.

4. Paper

We may be one of the last people I know who have a subscription to the newspaper. I don’t know why, we never have time to read it. I might was well go out every day and throw some change in the recycling bin. We really should cancel.

5. Plastic

I’m pretty sure utensils weren’t this fun when I was a kid.

Check out everyone else’s interpretations at Ramblings and Photos. Then grab your camera and link up next week!


7 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday (6)

  1. those PLASTIC spoons are adorable! hey, your post could have been written by me. Seems like you’ve been peeking in my windows to see my frustration at not being able to kick this flu-bug. Or perhaps you’ve seen the windows rattle from the deep cough exploding from my chest. Wishing this TREND would disappear.

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