2012, I’ll catch up to you!

Happy New Year, everyone. I’m only three days into the New Year and I already feel behind on life. I ended 2011 exhausted, and began 2012 worn slap out. It’s going to be a couple of weeks before I really feel like I’m caught up with tasks, etc… at which time I plan on resting for a few days!

Our house is currently a construction zone. No, we’re not actually doing construction, but it does look like things are being demolished. While we were away for Christmas, I had the spontaneous notion to change three of our rooms when we got home. But to do that, I needed a major haul from IKEA (who doesn’t, right). So, I’m moving rooms around, maneuvering around boxes of shelving units, and suffering from anxiety hives from all the “clutter”. Hopefully our Christmas decor will get put away before Valentine’s Day.

Finally getting our house back in order will make me one happy girl… as will having the time to enjoy writing and taking photos again.

I’ll also be continuing to make some cosmetic changes to the blog. Sooner or later, I’ll find the right “look” I want. It’s a trial and error thing for me at the moment. As is much of life.

Happy New Year!



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