Random Photo Dump

We’re turning into Road Warriors around here. After spending a week in DC with Jon’s mom for Thanksgiving, we’re getting ready to head south to spend some time with my family and celebrate my mom’s birthday. We’ll recover for one week before heading north to the frozen tundra, also known as Minnesota! It feels like as soon as we even see a glimmer of recovery and catch up from one trip, we’re heading out on another. But, ’tis the season.

Since I haven’t had much time to blog or take photos, I decided to finally catch up on some that I forgot about. They are completely random. Be warned.

I took this a few months ago while we were enjoying some family time at the park. Jon probably had a cramp after I made him kick the ball up a bajillion times. It’s a lot of work to find a moving subject, focus, and take the photo before it’s too late. He’s a good man. I’m sharing this because it makes me smile.

Jon and I went to New Orleans back in October. He went to a conference and I went to… well, sleep, eat, and take pictures. I didn’t do as much of the latter as I would have liked. But here are a few random ones from my walk around the French Quarter one afternoon. Please excuse my obsession with doors.

WHAT? That was only two door pictures? I’m just giving you a break. There are more!

Okay, so only four doors. I thought if I set the expectation high, you’d be surprisingly relieved there weren’t more. You’re welcome.

Now, on to two very random shots from our trip to DC. No, they’re not of monuments, the President, or very-important-stuff… they were shots I did while entertaining myself while we were staying out of the rain. I told you these were random. I didn’t lie.

A little vase of flowers my mother-in-law had sitting on her end table. They were so delicate looking,
I couldn’t NOT take a photo.

My mother-in-law’s Grand piano.

Through the window at the historic Falls Church in VA.

And now the random photo dump has ended. Thanks for staying through to the end!


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