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Shoot. Edit. Submit. (1)

I know… it’s another picture of Drew. I promise, it’s not all I do. But, I’ve been planning and preparing for a benefit dinner my church is hosting tonight and I haven’t had time to do much else. While we were at the church this morning, I took a few minutes to snap some shots in the chapel. He sat on the pew and colored while I took pictures. I couldn’t resist this one because of the light from the window at the end of the pew. I’ll share the other church photos on Sunday. It seems appropriate.

Happy Friday… and Happy Veteran’s Day to all who serve and sacrifice on our behalf. Have a great weekend.

P.S. I’m still thinking about that dysfunctional family childhood memory. I know I owe you one!

 Look Whooooo’s Snapping


4 thoughts on “Shoot. Edit. Submit. (1)

  1. How sweet! I love the mood that’s been set in this photo with his sweetness and the color. I’d love for you to link this photo up to my linky party going on right now at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!

    (ps – You may also want to check out the TWO giveaways I have going on right now!)

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