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Marriage Monday – The Meet & Greet

It’s just a good feeling to know someone is happy to see you, isn’t it? It’s just one more simple pleasure we can take for granted in the day in and day out of marriage. When is the last time you greeted your spouse at the door when they get home? I’m willing to bet the majority of married people just give a shout out, “honey, I’m home,” when they walk in the door.

I try to make an effort to greet Jon at the door when he gets home. If I can, I open the door and usually welcome him with a kiss. And, if I’m the one coming home, I try to go straight to him and let him know I’m happy to see him. Several months ago, I let him know that I’d appreciate the same gesture in return. Let’s face it, men aren’t mind-readers (but we’ll talk about that another day). Now, he makes the effort to do the same.

When we were doing our pre-marital counseling, the pastor told us to always greet each other first when we enter a room… regardless of whom else is there. It communicates to your spouse, and to others, that your husband or wife is the most important person to you. I confess, I’m still working on this one. I usually have the mindset that, “I see you every day,” etc. and will greet someone else first. Hopefully I can change that habit.

Again, the meet and greet isn’t a grand gesture. Grand gestures don’t make a successful marriage. It’s the little things that make us feel special to each other that count the most. So, I encourage myself and you (if you’re married) to make an effort to meet and greet your spouse this week, letting them know that even though you see them every day, it still makes you happy.


2 thoughts on “Marriage Monday – The Meet & Greet

  1. I love the idea of greeting your husband at the door. Mike and I do most of this subconsciously. I know when I enter a room he is in I always have to touch him, for my sake. Touch is one of the ways I express love, so no matter what I make sure to brush his shoulder or head with my hand. I have noticed that after five years of marriage that if I don’t do it he starts looking concerned, it’s just become that much of a habit.

    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, I was stopping by for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, saw this post and had to stop here first.

    • Thanks for commenting and sharing, Felicia. It’s great to know that even after five years, this habit is still so ingrained. I love using touch to express love too.

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