Family / Married Life

We should be getting up at 7:00. Apparently.

photo by Stuart B, FCC

Jon and I were about to fall asleep last Wednesday night.

Me: Oh! I almost forgot to set the alarm. (Thursday is one of two days I have to leave the house in the morning.)

I roll over to set the alarm.

“Wait, did you reset the clocks after the power went out?”

Jon: Yeah. I set it for 7:00.

“You set what for 7:00?”

“The alarm.”

“You set my alarm for 7:00?”

“Yeah. I figured 7:00 was a reasonable time.”

“A reasonable time for what?”

“To get up.”

“A reasonable time for who to get up? You? When do you get up at 7:00?”

“I didn’t say me. I thought 7:00 was a reasonable time for the average person to get up.”

“So, you set my alarm for 7:00?”

“I also set the alarm in the guest room for 7:00.”

“So, whenever someone comes to stay with us, they should get up at 7:00?”


“Wait. Who goes around and resets all the alarms?”

“I don’t know. I was resetting the clocks and figured I’d just set the alarms for 7:00. It seemed like a reasonable time.”

“So, you determined what time I should get up?”

“It’s like a picture frame. When you buy a frame, it comes with a stock photo already in it. Now, all of our alarms have a set alarm time. 7:00 seemed like a good time.”

“Who does that? Sets all the alarms – which you don’t even use.”

“I don’t know. I just did it.”

“Okay. Thank you, honey, for setting my alarm.”

“It’s like when…”



“I got it.”


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