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Snapshot Stories: A Worn Out Perspective

What does a worn out, blue chair, in the middle of a field have to do with being drizzled in chocolate? What happened to the plate of drizzled chocolate that was the header photo?

It made me hungry. I need to lose weight. It doesn’t help to see chocolate every time I open my blog.

That’s one reason. One. Good. Reason.

Aside from that, I just wanted a new look. So, I went browsing through the Creative Commons photos on Flickr. At first I was looking for a couch, similar to what you would expect to find in a therapist’s office. Sometimes this blog feels a lot like therapy for me, so I thought it would be appropriate. I also like photos that place/find static objects in obscure locations.

I came across the header photo, also pictured on the sidebar. The photo was taken in Costa Rica by a guy named Bernard Durfee.

I chose it not because it has anything to do with being drizzled in chocolate, but because it has more to do with the “other things I think about.” And those other things are all conveyed through my perspective. And, the photo got me thinking…

How do you view life?

Do you see the worn out chair?

Or do you see the bigger picture?

Life is often challenging. Things don’t always work out the way we had hoped. People disappoint us.  We disappoint ourselves. We focus on the parts of our lives that are worn, torn, and wasted. Sometimes it’s all we can see for a while. Our proximity to pain/struggle/disappointment limits our view.

But sometimes… sometimes we’re able to change our perspective – or to get one for that matter. Sometimes we can step back and see that what is worn, torn and wasted is in the midst of something bigger.  And that can make it beautiful.

Life will bring different things to each of us this year. I pray we can take whatever we have, wherever we are, and see the bigger picture.


One thought on “Snapshot Stories: A Worn Out Perspective

  1. Thanks for this entry on your blog!! I may be the worn out chair, but God is giving me some wonderful new patches!! (I may end end up as beautiful as Joseph’s coat of many colors!)
    Have a beautiful day!

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