Family / Married Life

Flatulence and Family Inspiration

Photo by Nick Parkin

Jon and I were lying in bed.

“Did you finish our family poster?” He asked.

Manifesto.  He means this.

“No, that’s something we need to do together.”

“I gave you my suggestions.”

“You told me some things when we were riding in the car. I wasn’t writing them down!”


He starts laughing.

“What?” (in my tone that is curious, but also scared of what he’s going to say)

“Fart rainbows.”

He’s referring to this.

“That’s it?  That’s the extent of what you want our family to embody? Fart rainbows?”

“Okay, how about this… when life gives you dark clouds, comma, fart rainbows.”

It IS inspirational in a man-spoken, tasteless kind of way. I can’t argue with that.


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