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The Year of Living

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Are you planning on changing your life this year? That’s what we do each January, right? Resolve to make ourselves better – usually in the same way we attempted the previous year. I’m not sure what it says about me that I can’t even remember if I made resolutions last year.

I’m lying.  I know exactly what it says. My resolutions lasted a few weeks. I found myself in February and thought, “ah, that’s close enough.” Intentions! Who said “it’s the thought that counts.” That’s a load of crap. Intending to lose weight didn’t do a dang thing to get me out of my fat jeans.

So, here I am at the beginning of another year, asking myself what I intend to do this year to make my life and self better. Here are two broad thoughts:

1. Turn my intentions into actions.

Basically, I need more discipline in my life. All the best intentions get me nowhere if I don’t take active steps toward fulfilling them. I would like to eliminate the possibility that I’ll one day mutter, “I wish I had…”

2. Take better care of myself.

Sure, this includes losing the baby weight that’s been clinging to me like trashy does to Ke$ha, but it also includes remembering that I need to nurture myself in order to love and serve my family well. Spending time with friends, reading, pursuing hobbies I enjoy… sometimes taking care of myself is the best thing I can do to take care of others.

There are more detailed things on my list for this year, but those aren’t important to you. If you made resolutions this year, particularly ones you continue to make every January due to previous failure, let me encourage us both. Life is short. Savor it. Pursue things that give you joy. Depend on God. Love wholeheartedly. Face your fears. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t fail to do the things you really want to do in life. Let this year be the year you really live.

I’m taking my own advice.


2 thoughts on “The Year of Living

  1. Best Ke$ha joke ever! Also, how about some smaller resolutions to accompany these excellent ones? Perhaps be more moisturized? Wear more necklaces? I have a million of them.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I have several, I just didn’t think anyone would care about my personal goals. Although, your list has inspired me. I only regret that I didn’t deem 2011 The Year of Sexy!

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