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The alien abduction was only a rumor.

I just had to get up and dust the table. I’ve spent the past ten minutes trying to ignore it and write instead, but I couldn’t resist.  The dust won.

I confess.  I’m anal.

Right now I’m trying to ignore the tiny hand print on the back door windowpane. I’m torn because I look at it and think of Drew. That makes me smile. But then I start to wonder what was on his hand that left that much residue on the window.  Do I want to know? I should try not to think about it.

Anyway – Happy New Year, everyone. I know, I skipped two MAJOR holidays to get here but it was intentional. I discovered something about myself a few months ago. Whenever I succeeded at posting regularly, I felt a lot of pressure to continue to do so. It felt a lot like stress.

I’m allergic to stress.

And, whenever I wasn’t posting regularly, I felt bad about it. It felt a lot like guilt.

I’m opposed to guilt.

So, I’m starting with a new outlook this year. I won’t pressure myself about it. I’ll have fun again.



One thought on “The alien abduction was only a rumor.

  1. I’m opposed to stress and guilt, too!! There are enough duties in life so we shouldn’t create more for ourselves.
    Congratulations on having fun in the New Year!!
    Janean/Nana J

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