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The Apocalypse Conversation Continues…

Jon: Did I tell you that Amazon is now selling more Kindles than actual paper books?

Me: That’s sad.  There’s just something about a real book.

Jon: I know.  Besides, when the Apocalypse happens none of the Kindles will work anyway.  But I’ll have my stash of paper books and I’ll be ready.  And I will have had Lasik surgery by the time the Apocalypse happens, so I won’t have to worry about my glasses.

Me: That’s good.  Because if you lost your glasses, I would have to sit around reading books to you.

Jon: No, you’re going to be the hunter and gatherer.

Me: I am better with a gun.

Jon: Yeah, I’d shoot my thumb off.

Maybe I should start hiding his books… and the television… and computer… and anything else that causes his mind to go down these paths.  I have a feeling by the time the Apocalypse happens, I’m going to be too exhausted to hunt and gather.


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