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“What are you thinking about?”

Jon: The more I think about The Road, the more I feel like I need to go out and buy a gun (to prepare for the Apocalypse).

Me: Nah.  All we have to do is make it to my sister’s (because they live in Mississippi… and naturally own a small arsenal).

Jon: Yeah, but do you know how hard it would be to walk to Mississippi.

Me: We have two cars.

Jon: But our cars have too many electrical features.  If there was an EMP, it would wipe them out.  The more I think about it, I need to buy a ’78 Ford LTD.

Me: Really?  An LTD?  You wouldn’t buy a truck?

Jon: Hmmm.  Well, maybe… but the problem with a truck is that until the Apocalypse happens, everyone will want me to help them move.

And now you know what we talk about as we’re falling asleep.  Sometimes I just shouldn’t ask.


4 thoughts on ““What are you thinking about?”

  1. Don’t forget to tell Jon that he will need to stockpile ammo as well. You won’t just be able to walk into Academy and buy ammo after the Apocalypse. Academy is the one of the first places they’ll loot.

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