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To the Mother at the Movie

Dear Mother with your baby at the movies,

I’m a mother myself.  And I too like movies.  So, I understand your desire to go to the movies and I empathize with your challenge of not having childcare.  I find myself in the same situation quite often.  I have a one-year old who is probably just a little older than your baby. See, already we have a lot in common.  Well… except when I’m faced with the conflict of wanting to see a movie and I don’t have childcare, I… wait for it… STAY HOME.  I know.  Call me crazy.  My son doesn’t have the attention span to sit through a two-hour, adult movie.  In Surround Sound. After his bedtime.  I know this and I use my knowledge to make a responsible decision.

I’m sure the other patrons in the theater, after they took out a second mortgage on their home so they could see a movie and enjoy some popcorn, didn’t mind that your baby was crying.  They probably expected there to be crying babies at the movie on a Friday night. I’m mostly curious why you didn’t expect your baby to cry.  Clearly your child is a typical baby.  He cries after all.  Which probably also means he isn’t capable of understanding that he’s not suppose to disturb you during the movie.  So, telling him to shut up is probably a waste of time and it just creates more of a disturbance.  One day, he’ll grow out of his infantile ways.  For his sake, I hope you do too.


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