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When you start with Denny’s, things can only improve.

Last year, we were driving to Minnesota on our first wedding anniversary.  Nine hours in the car with a six-week old, road construction traffic, and a diaper blow out.  By the time we reached our hotel in Janesville, Wisconsin, it was 10:30pm and we still hadn’t eaten dinner.  At that hour our food options were pretty much restricted to the all-night drive-thru at Taco Bell or the Denny’s next to the hotel.  Sometimes the better choice is just to call it a night and aim higher for anniversary #2.  Hunger caused us to lose all sensibility and Jon went to Denny’s for take-out – which we ate at 11pm, in the semi-dark, sitting on the hotel bed, while trying not to wake a sleeping baby.  We can’t say it wasn’t memorable.

This year we decided to stay in Minnesota a couple of extra days so we could avoid traveling again on our anniversary.  We planned a movie matinee and a non-Denny’s dinner.  Here’s a brief recap:

Grandpa babysits, Jen happy to be with Jon for the first time since April, popcorn and previews, we receive a phone call from Grandpa (fear), paramedics called for Grandma, leave movie after three previews, race home (worry), take Drew off Grandpa’s hands, worry about Grandma, wait for updates, Grandma is safe (relief), take nap, get dressed for dinner, Drew uncharacteristically cries and whines, Jen wonders “why now?”, drop Drew off at Aunt’s, find restaurant, search for parking, bottle of wine (relax), annual marriage evaluation discussion, lamb chops (fatty), salmon (yummy), dessert (disappointing), parking ticket (annoying), race to make movie (stressful), sold out (seriously?), race to other theater, realize pant’s zipper busted at some point (shrug shoulders and pull shirt down), finally see movie, home around 1:30am.

And even still, it was better than last year.  Suck it, Denny’s.


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