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“Couple returns from vacation only to discover junk still not stolen.”

I’ve been trying to write a post all week but every time I sit down for more than five minutes I feel this compulsion to dust the furniture.  Or do some laundry.  Or clean the kitchen. I finally accomplished enough today to make me feel less guilty about relaxing for a couple of hours. Being neurotic is exhausting.

Since I was going to be sitting here, I thought it would be a good idea to make some apple crisps.  Nothing fancy – just a sliced apple, tossed on a baking sheet and sprinkled with cinnamon.  It sounded better than it actually is.  It needs sugar… and maybe some peanut butter… and chocolate… and no apple.  Trying to be healthy is a disappointment.

We just got back from a trip to Minnesota to visit family.  I didn’t mention it before because I read somewhere that it’s not a good idea to advertise your unoccupied house on the internet.  I think that warning is for people who actually have stuff worth stealing.  Something tells me our 12-year old 19” television wouldn’t be a hot commodity on the black market.  That said, one can never be too careful.  I mean, we have a garage full of junk and it would be sad if someone broke in and stole all of it… especially Jon’s aqua blue recliner that is hidden in the basement.  And by “hidden” I mean out of embarrassment, not out of fear of thievery.  Aqua blue.  Two more words: butt ugly.

I’ll spare you all the details of our week in the Twin Cities and instead provide a brief list of highlights:

  • 13-hour through-the-night drive… tiring
  • Drew’s first swim… fun
  • Meet new baby niece… sweet
  • Family time… enjoyable
  • IKEA… pee-my-pants exciting
  • Babysitting niece and nephew… enlightening
  • Niece’s baptism… rejoicing
  • Middle Eastern festival… disappointing
  • Hanging out with friends… entertaining
  • Wedding anniversary… memorable
  • 15-hour through-the-night drive… exhausting
  • Sick kid when we got home… sad

And that was our summer vacation.


One thought on ““Couple returns from vacation only to discover junk still not stolen.”

  1. I’m sorry the aqua recliner wasn’t taken, too! I grew up with an aqua sofa that I always wished would disappear!! I do hope you get a vacation (even if just for a weekend) that involves less hours of travel and no sick child! It was wonderful to have you make the trip thought and get to see all of you!
    Nana J

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