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For some reason…

Jon: “I’m going to watch you give Drew a bath.  For some reason you seem to be faster at it.”

(bathing commences)

Jon: “Oh.  Well, that’s something new there.  I’ve never washed his face.”

Me: “You’ve NEVER washed his face?”

“No.  I never really….”

“You’ve NEVER washed his FACE?  (dramatic pause) That’s the first thing I told you to do when I showed you how to give him a bath.  Wash his face first, before the water gets dirty.”

“Oh.  I just…”

“Seriously?  You’ve never washed his face?  Don’t you wash your face when you take a shower?”


“It’s kind of a given that you would wash his face.”

(bathing continues)

Jon: “Oh, well see… I usually have more lather than that.”

And maybe that’s why it takes my husband longer to bathe our son… because he spends all his time working up lather instead of using it.  For some reason, I’m starting to think I should watch how he does things from now on.


3 thoughts on “For some reason…

  1. Okay, I really shouldn’t read these at work! I had a hard time not laughing out loud as I was reading this! Boys are so funny.

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