Happy birthday to Nana J.

Drew would like to wish his Nana J. a very happy birthday!  I tried to get him to stand up and hold the sign but he just kept throwing it.  Don’t be fooled into thinking he was posing just right for this one either.  I just happened to catch him at the right moment as he was attempting to pick it up so he could sling it across the room again… because flying paper is FUN!  He looks so innocent, doesn’t he?


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Nana J.

  1. Dear Drew,
    I’ve already sent 2 comments, but the Internet says I have an invalid e-mail address!! Regardless, I’m trying again! I love you and your sweet card and your giggling while your Mommy and Daddy sang Happy Birthday to me!!
    Sending love and kissy-kisses,
    Nana J

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