Married Life / Motherhood

Moments of the Day

  • sleeping till 10am (shout out to my husband!)
  • realizing he cleaned the kitchen last night (holla!)
  • taking Drew down the slide at the park (sans the photo – Small slides make the thighs look big.  Oh, my bad – they are big.  Sigh.)
  • watching my husband give his cold Gatorade to a homeless man (Then, listening to him explain to me that said man could potentially, one day, be able to go to Sonic Happy Hour. Don’t ask.)
  • listening to Jon tell me how geese are the rats of the bird kingdom (I think we can all agree there are nastier birds.  Vultures.  Point made.)
  • Sonic Happy Hour
  • Listening to Drew giggle in the backseat as he stared out the window (giggles are contagious, especially baby giggles)
  • Getting kisses from Drew while I ran his bath water (Oh to get kisses for every menial task I accomplished!)
  • Having a job that requires me to go watch a movie (can we say “me time”?)

It was a good day to be a wife and mother.


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