More than a Chair

To anyone else, this is just a rocking chair.  I bought it for $60 on Craigslist when I was pregnant with Drew.  I liked it because it was padded, and blue, and because it had an antique appearance.  I bought it because I needed a rocking chair for the nursery and I thought $60 was a bargain.  Nine months later, it is much more than a rocking chair.

This is where I sat up at all hours of the night during those first few months, sometimes soothing a crying baby, sometimes smiling, and sometimes crying myself from sheer exhaustion.  This is where I nurse my baby.  It’s where we read books in the afternoon.  This chair is where we sit at night as Jon and I sing and pray over our son before bedtime.  It’s where I rock him during the day, often letting him fall asleep in my arms… because one day too soon he won’t want to rest there.  To anyone else, it’s just a rocking chair bought at a bargain price.  To a mother, it’s so much more and its value is immeasurable.


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