The Measure of Successful Parenting

I’m not sure what it says about me when I was pregnant and a friend loaned me a book titled, Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay…  I guess it’s good to cover all the bases with a first-time mom-to-be.  1. Support baby’s head.  2. Cover the electrical outlet plugs.  3. Make sure that juice in my baby’s cup isn’t the fermented kind.

It should be a given, right?  Up there with put baby in a car seat, feed several times a day, and don’t let him smoke in the crib.  There’s a lot of pressure on new parents.  Other parents are judging you on your choice to breastfeed or not, on where you let your baby sleep, on whether or not you expose your child to the TV, and a myriad of other “opinionated” methods of parenting.  I say if you’re not letting your baby play with tacks or plastic bags, you’re on your way to being a good parent.  Obviously there’s a lot more to parenting, but sometimes it’s the little things that measure success- like not using my baby’s bottle to measure ounces of tequila when I’m mixing a drink.  I’m sure that won’t win me any parenting awards, but I count it a victory nonetheless.


One thought on “The Measure of Successful Parenting

  1. This made me laugh! Yes, my 2 month old child sleeps in a swing at night and LOVES TV. And yes people judge me and make comments! Oh well if they want him to sleep in a crib they can get up with him ever 10 minutes. Thanks for the vent!

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